Administering the Jamaat

Leading the Jamaat


Hazrat Ibraheem

Hazrat Musa

Hazrat Yousaf

The Life of al-Maseeh

Comparative Religion

A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue


New World

How to Follow al-Maseeh

Pressing on: Living as a Disciple of al-Maseeh

The Grace of Generosity

The Way to Paradise and Salvation

How to follow al-Maseeh

Little Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress

Tableegh (Evangelism)

A Heavy Debt: Who Can Pay It Back?

An Examination of Faith

Can God Forgive Sin?

God is One

Good News For the Blind

He Saved Others. The Story of a Murderer

How Can We be Certain That Our Sins Have Been Forgiven?

Judgment Day

Knowing God


Merry Christmas

Prince of Peace

Punishment of 10 lashes


Salvation on Judgment Day

Sun of Righteousness

The Chasm and the Bridge

The Defeat of Death

The Unique Nature of al-Masih

The Way to Escape Judgment

Was al-Masih Raised From the Dead?

What the Book Says About Sport

Who is a True Follower?

The History of al-Maseeh's Jamaat

Ihsanullah: Wise Architect of the Punjab Jamaat

The Good Race. History of the Early Church

Understanding the Taurat and Injeel

Ao, Khud Dekh Lo 1: Come, See for Yourself

Ao, Khud Dekh Lo 2: The Good Shepherd

Ao, Khud Dekh Lo 3: The Lost Lamb

Ao, Khud Dekh Lo 4: Safety in the Storm

Ao, Khud Dekh Lo 5: It is I. Firm Steps on the Dashing Waves

Ao, Khud Dekh Lo 6: Caught in the Act

Ao, Khud Dekh Lo 7: Divine Draught

Come, Let us understand the Taurat and Injeel

The Key to Understanding the Taurat and Injeel

Zinda Kalam 1: Creation

Zinda Kalam 2: The Advent of Sin

Zinda Kalam 3: The Big Flood

Zinda Kalam 4: Hazrat Ibraheem and Sarah

Zinda Kalam 5: Qurbani Eid

Zinda Kalam 6: Hazrat Yusuf and His Brothers

Zinda Kalam 7: Hazrat Musa in Egypt

Zinda Kalam 8: The Israelites in the Desert

Zinda Kalam 9: The Ten Commandments and the Golden Calf

Why Follow al-Maseeh

From Karbala to Christ: Why I Became a Follower of al-Maseeh


Perfect Intercession: Why I Became a Follower of al-Maseeh

Perfect Salvation: Why We Became Followers of al-Maseeh

The Perfect Guide: Why I Became a Follower of al-Maseeh

The Perfect Treasure: Why I Became a Follower of al-Maseeh

The Perfect Way: Why I Became a Follower of al-Maseeh

The Trustworthiness of the Taurat and Injeel


Yih Kaisa Badshah (Git ki Kitab)