Sun of Righteousness

Sun of Righteousness Sun of Righteousness

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Many people around the world celebrate Christmas. What is so special about al-Masih?

Are Christians polytheists? We worship al-Masih because he IS God. Why do we know this? Because the scriptures tell us so. The Jews wanted him to be crucified because they understood this.

Al-Masih's sacrifice was unique because of his nature. If he had only been an ordinary man, his sacrifice would not have had an effect on us. Only as God the Son did he effect the forgiveness of our sins.

When the sun shines, it does not itself come into this world; if it did, we would all be burnt to ashes. However, its light does come into this world. In this way, through al-Masih God came into this world and gave us salvation, peace and joy. This is the reason we celebrate Christmas.