Punishment of 10 lashes

Punishment of 10 lashes Punishment of 10 lashes

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A new teacher becomes master of the village school. He is a small man, and the parents are afraid that he will not be able to control their unruly children.

In the first class, the teacher tells the children to decide on the rules for class behaviour. Together they decide to abide by the following rules:

The teacher asks, “How should these crimes be punished?”

One of the senior boys says, "They should be punished with 10 lashes."

Later another boy steals the lunch of this senior boy. He is caught, and the teacher says that the crime must be punished.

However, the senior boy sees that the boy to be punished is weak and is not able to bear the punishment. So he tells the teacher to punish him instead.

This is what al-Masih did for us. He took on the punishment that we deserved.