Ihsanullah: Wise Architect of the Punjab Jamaat


Ihsanullah: Wise Architect of the Punjab Jamaat Ihsanullah: Wise Architect of the Punjab Jamaat

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This is not only the gripping story about how Ihsanullah became a follower of al-Maseeh. It is also the history of the birth of the Jamaat in Punjab. The Awakening of the Jamaat which began at Sialkot and spread throughout Punjab and beyond is not imaginable without this remarkable man. Although in the beginning the Jamaat was made up mainly of illiterate and down-trodden people, his steps to ensure a vibrant and progressive Jamaat are still valid today. Amazingly, from the beginning he called on the Jamaat to rely only on self-support.

Table of Contents

  1. The Jamaat of al-Masih in Narowal
    • The Town of Narowal
    • The Khwajegan "Caste"
    • The Economic Situation
    • The Beginning of al-Maseeh's Jamaat in Narowal
    • The Effect of the Mission School
    • Progress of al-Maseeh's Jamaat in Narowal
    • Sheikh Ihsan Ali Becomes a Follower of al-Maseeh
  2. In Batala and Bannu
    • Batala
    • Once More in School
    • Consciousness of Salvation from Sin
    • Teacher in Batala
    • Teacher in Bannu
    • Once More Teacher in Baring School
    • The Calling to Become a Minister
    • Beginning of Ministry as Evangelist in Batala
    • Wedding
  3. Return to Narowal
    • Invitation to Return to Narowal
    • Beginning of Ministry in Narowal
    • Leading Evangelistic Activity in Narowal
    • Beginning of Ministry in the Whole of Punjab
  4. The Movement of Untouchables to al-Maseeh
    • The Roots of the Movement
    • The Challenge of Teaching Christian Truths to Untouchables
  5. Training the Oppressed
    • Training the Teachers
    • Establishing Schools in Each Village
    • Establishing a Boarding School in Narowal
    • Evangelizing at Village Festivals in Groups
    • Emphasizing the Need to Give Tithes
    • Emphasizing the Need to minister Free of Charge
  6. Evangelisation in Narowal
    • Appointment as a Deacon
    • Ihsanullah's brother Rahmat Ali is Assailed by Doubts
    • Ministry During an Epidemic
    • Revival in the Villages
    • Discipleship through Teaching and Companionship
    • Ministry of Wife in Schools
    • Building a New Building for Worship
  7. Ministry in the Whole of Punjab
    • Conference in Mumbai (1893)
    • Debate with Qadiani
    • Appointment as a Priest
    • Accompanying General Booth
  8. Revival
    • A New Burning Desire to Minister
    • Jihad Against English Culture
  9. The Beginning of Sialkot Convention
    • Narowal
    • Sialkot
    • Zafarwal
    • Nadala
    • Shakkargarh
    • First Campaign up to Delhi
    • Bubak Mirali
    • Ministry with Waiz
    • Kangara
    • In Tajpura with Raja Sham Singh
    • The Influence of Chetaram
    • Peshawar
    • Agra
    • Allahabad
    • Pasrur
    • Barah Patthar School
    • Movement of Self-Support in UP Mission
    • Opposition of CMS
    • Rawalpindi
    • First Signs of Mental Instability in Wife
    • Second Campaign up to Delhi
  10. Tour to Europe and America
    • Invitation to Visit America
    • Tour of England
    • Tour of America
    • Bout of Insanity in Wife
    • Return via Canada and Europe
  11. Ministry in Jhangbar
    • Bateman's Invitation
    • Beginning of Ministry in Jhangbar
    • Steps to Stabilize the Ministry in Jhangbar
    • Steps against Sectarianism
    • Steps to Stabilize Ministry in Sargodha
    • Changes in Leadership of CMS
  12. Sheikh Rahmat Ali Becomes a Follower of al-Masih
    • Earthquake and Epidemic
    • Public Confession of Becoming a Follower of al-Masih
    • Baptism and Pressure From Relatives
    • Son Barkatullah's Path to Faith
    • The Witness of Rahmatullah
    • Rahmatullah's Love Prevails
  13. Ihsanullah as Missionary In Charge of Jhangbar
    • Appointment over Jhangbar
    • Gatherings in Multan
    • Gatherings in Dehradun
    • Debates with People of Other Faiths in Jhang
    • Field Work of Students in Jhang
  14. Self-support Movement
  15. Archdeacon of Delhi
    • Appointment as Archdeacon of Delhi
    • Conference of Lucknow (1911)
    • Emphasis on Self-support
    • Ministry in Holy Trinity
  16. Last Days of Ministry
    • Appointment as a Canon
    • Campaigns as a Canon
  17. Last Days