The Way to Heaven and Salvation

Daniel Waheli & Matt Yoo

The Way to Heaven and Salvation Urdu The Way to Heaven and Salvation Hindi-Urdu

The most important question every person has to answer is this: Where will I spend eternity after I have left this earthly life? Beginning with creation and ending with Christ and the Church, the author explains the plan of salvation in terms that a Muslim audience can also understand. A strength of the book are the practical answers given in the second half of the book.

Table of Contents

How I Can Know For Sure That I Will Go to Heaven?
  1. Cloth of Righteousness: Adam and Hawa
  2. The Ark: Nuh’s Faith
  3. Qurbani and Faith: Ibrahim
  4. Hazrat Musa and the Meaning of Blood
  5. Isa al-Masih – Perfect and final Qurbani
  6. Isa al-Masih Has All the Power
    • Isa al-Masih Has Power Over Nature and the Sea
    • Isa al-Masih Has Power Over Sickness
    • Isa al-Masih Has Power Over Demons and Iblis
    • Isa al-Masih Has Power Over Death
    • Isa al-Masih Has Power Over Sin
    • If Isa al-Masih is With You, no One Can be Against You
    • If you Believe in Isa al-Masih, You Can Do All These Things In His Name.
  7. From Creation to Salvation.
How to Live the New Life With Isa al-Masih
  1. The Confession of Faith
  2. The Obligations of Love
    • Repentance
    • Baptism
    • Receiving Forgiveness of sins
    • Receiving the Holy Spirit
    • Be a Member of a Group of Believers
    • Read the Word of Allah
    • Prayer, Fasting and Giving to the Needy
    • Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper
    • Tithing and Giving to the Poor
  3. The Person of Isa al-Masih
    • Human Nature
    • Divine Nature
    • Why Did Isa al-Masih Have a Human Nature and a Divine Nature at the Same Time?
    • One Single Allah: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—The Trinity
  4. The Forbidden Things
    • Do Not Worship Idols
    • Do Not Commit Murder
    • Do Not Commit Adultery—Sexual Sins
    • Do Not Divorce
    • Do Not Dishonor Your Parents
    • Do Not Steal
    • Do Not Lie
    • Do Not Get Drunk
    • Do Not Practice Sorcery
    • Do Not Support Racism
    • Do Not Be Lazy
    • The Slavery of Indebtedness
  5. What To Do If We Cannot Fulfill All of The Commandments?
  6. Abiding in Isa al-Masih
  7. Persecution
  8. The Witness of the Believer Whose Relatives Have Not Yet Accepted Isa al-Masih as Saviour.
  9. Family Life
    • Can a Man Who Believes in Isa al-Masih Marry a Woman Who Has Not Accepted Isa al-Masih as Savior, or Can a Woman Who Believes in Isa al-Masih Marry a Man Who Has Not Accepted Isa al-Masih as Savior?
    • Assurance of Salvation / Heaven
  10. Sharing the Good News of Isa al-Masih with All People
  11. The Day of Judgment, Heaven and Hell
  12. Study Allah’s Word Every Day and Share it With Your Family and Friends