Leading the Jamaat

Bakhtullah Khan

Leadership Leadership Hindi-Urdu

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For a healthy development, a jamaat needs true leadership. Under true leadership, it will prosper, whereas wrong leadership can lead to great harm.

How can we practise true leadership? The Taurat and Injeel present 6 leadership models. By following these we can become true leaders.

Table of Contents

  1. Farmer
    • Entrust Responsibilities to Others
    • Make Plans
    • Prepare the Ground
    • Plant the Seed
    • Water the Ground
    • Work Towards Healthy Growth
    • Harvest the Crop
    • Have a Curious Spirit that Desires to Learn
  2. Contractor
    • You Need a Calling
    • You Need to be Filled by the Holy Spirit
    • Building up the Jamaat is a Holy Task
    • Give Tithes Gladly
    • Serve the Lord With Your Gifts
    • Develop the Gifts of Co-workers
    • Live According to the Standard of God
    • Bless Co-workers
    • Conclusion
  3. Manager
    • Run the Operation in Place of the Owner
    • Acquire the Blessing of the Lord
    • Be Accountable in All Things
    • Lead in the Relationship of Co-workers
    • Ask for God's Will to be Done in the Jamaat
    • Aim to Enlarge Common Property
    • Two Managers Who Failed
  4. Shepherd
    • Stay Close to the Chief Shepherd
    • Serve as a Team
    • First of All Examine Yourself
    • Protect the Flock
    • Be Concerned in the Welfare of the Flock
  5. Judge
    • Control a Conflict
    • Deal With a Conflict as Soon as Possible
    • Prepare the Way For Solving the Conflict
    • Let Opposing Parties Accept Their Own Responsibility
    • Learn to "Fight" Impartially
  6. Army Officer
    • Destroy Impure Things
    • The Purity of Those Fighting
    • One King
    • The Unity of Thought of the Army
    • Training the Army
    • Taking Control of Areas Under Satan's Rule
  7. Conclusion
    • Ruling One Another is Not Acceptable
    • Serve as a Team
    • Perfect Your Skills at Running the Jamaat
    • Choose and Train People to Serve
    • Work With a Plan in Mind
    • Put an Emphasis on Healthy Relationships
    • Desire to See the Fruits of Your Ministry